Polish and
lens repair

A paint restoration process that makes the car shinier, free of surface scratches and scuffmarks, re-creating a “like new” appearance. A scratch is a car’s paintwork can best be described as a tear in the top Clear coat, reflecting light in random directions, thereby highlighting the scratch. Our cut and polish process is designed to permanently remove scratches in the paintwork. Best practice after a Cut & Polish is to apply 2 coats of Paint Protection, to ensure that the new surface is adequately protected against the elements. This is standard Renew My Car procedure and included in our price.

  • Mini Detail – Wash, Vacuum, Glass & Tyres
  • Scratch Removal – Buff full vehicle
  • Pencil Touching – Stone chips, door edges etc.
  • Full Paint Protection

When will Buffing be successful in removing the scratches from my car?

If you can’t “feel” the the scratch, it will most likely buff out. The general rule is that if your fingernail will “catch” in the scratch, that it may be too deep. In other words, the tear has gone through the Top coat clear paint, into the basecoat colour, or even further – down to metal. Typical scratches on the top of the Rear Bumper that can be removed with a Professional Cut & Polish.

Typical marks that will buff out are:

Car Repairs by Renew my Car A 1999 Mitsubishi Verada that had Cut & Polish and dents removed. Fingernail scratches around the door handles Shopping trolley marks Scratches made by Automated Car Wash brushes Bird and Bat acid stains. (apply the fingernail “feel” test to determine if it will buff out) Scratches left by tree and plant branches on the sides of 4 x 4 vehicles.

Our Technicians use the highest quality of Commercial grade Cutting compounds, Polish and Paint Protection to restore a car’s paintwork to original condition. Often, damage seems worse than it really is, and whilst some damage can only be repaired with a full re-paint, Cut & Polish with PDR can restore the damaged area perfectly, at a fraction of the cost of a re-paint. Sometimes it is not as bad as it looks!
The cost mainly depends on the scope of the damage. We recommend that you e-mail us photos with your comments on the extent of the damage to enable us to give you an estimate. Whichever way you look it at, it is a real alternative to re-painting your car, with the added benefit that your car retains it’s original factory paint.

  • Touch up all the paint chips
  • Clean the alloys
  • Detail inside and out.