Light Accident Repair

Before repair (above left). After repair (above right).

To ensure 100% satisfaction, also send us a small section of the colour that you want it to be – this may be a Fuel flap of your car or the small plastic Tow – eye cover inserts in the Front or Rear bumpers of your car to enable us to match the correct colour. They normally pop out with the use of a small screw-driver. As an added bonus, we will send you the matching paint to use if you notice stone chips in the future. Clearing the entire bumper ensures that there are no areas for paint to start flaking in the future – unless another accident causes a break. Painting in progress to repair damage underneath. Repairs on Plastic bumpers are being offered by our highly skilled mobile Touch-Up Franchisees, that can visit you at home or at work to repair damage. To ensure that all damage are repaired – also all the damage done by pavements etc, we prefer to remove the bumper, repair all damage and re-clear the entire bumper. This provides a more professional and permanent repair than a mobile service painting on the car.